Navigating the Digital Age: Social Anxiety in the Virtual World

Unravelling the Impact of Social Anxiety in the Digital Era

Katy Morin
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Social anxiety is an issue that has become increasingly prevalent in society as new technologies have led to the proliferation of social media.

However, there are ways to overcome social anxieties caused by technology.

What causes social anxiety, and how can it be managed?

Social anxiety is the fear of being negatively evaluated or judged by others, which can be elicited in various ways (e.g., interacting with strangers and talking to authority figures). These fears often require much self-awareness and may relate to physical appearance, characteristics or actions. In other words, individuals who experience social anxiety have a deep-seated fear that they are not good enough or are likely to embarrass themselves in front of others. This can result in social withdrawal, making people feel uncomfortable and anxious about going out into public with others.

The relationship between social anxiety and technology is a complex one. On one hand, the internet has made communication and connectivity easier than ever before. On the other hand, there is ambiguity regarding how people communicate online versus in person. Showing true emotions online vs. in person can be difficult, making it challenging for some individuals to interpret the tone of voice, facial expressions, or posture. This uncertainty about interpreting others’ behavior may increase social anxiety since individuals have to rely on their own interpretations without any confirmation or validation from their peers. Furthermore, since individuals can quickly connect with people they may not know well on various platforms; they may feel more vulnerable during interactions due to the lack of face-to-face communication.

Triggers and coping Strategies for social anxiety in the Digital Age

Individuals need to learn how to manage social anxiety practically to mitigate it. In other words, they must be aware of their triggers to actively try to avoid them when possible and constructively cope with them when needed. There are many ways of coping…



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