• Jeff Fajans

    Jeff Fajans

    I help creative entrepreneurs (and their teams) transform their habits, systems, and mindsets to make achieving their creative goals inevitable.

  • julio amaral

    julio amaral

    Talking about experiences. UX designer and storyteller.

  • Christine Morocco

    Christine Morocco

  • Alice Cunningham

    Alice Cunningham

    Creative. Copywriter. Blooming blogger. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Bohemian soul. Creative collaboration inquiries: Alicej@charter.net

  • Jairam R Prabhu

    Jairam R Prabhu

    Blogger|Podcaster|Student|Engineer|Content Writing. Writes on Science, Law, Technology, Politics, International Relations|Runs Infodaily & Journal of Knowledge

  • Jackie Schwabe, MBA, PCC

    Jackie Schwabe, MBA, PCC

    Certified ICF PCC Coach. Student of Habits Empowerment — Communication Based Leadership — Entrepreneur Autism Mom www.jackieschwabe.com

  • The Headless Man | Som Dutt

    The Headless Man | Som Dutt

    100M+ Views on Quora | Writer | IITian | Influencer | Admin of 300+ Spaces on Quora | Email somdutt777@gmail.com https://www.quora.com/profile/Som-Dutt-6

  • Paula Pascu

    Paula Pascu

    I’m a performance & career coach passionate about finding the ‘why’ in everything.

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